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Sexual and physical abuse victim resolution with hypnosis


Heart Centered Hypnosis in invaluable in helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Many survivors deal with issues of shame, guilt, powerlessness, helplessness, betrayal and disassociation. They may also have problems with sexual boundaries and live in a constant state of fear and victimhood. The emotional and psychological damage that occurs when a child is betrayed by an adult, especially when that adult is the caretaker or protector, seems as though it can never be forgiven or healed.


My system takes you through a resolution process where you regain your power, self-worth and strength. It helps you let go of fear and begin to build assertiveness and confidence. It helps you lessen the memories and heal the wounds of the child. Lastly is helps you forgive, love and live your life in a new way. You let you of the victim archetype and you begin to feel lighter and freer.

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