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Spiritual health counseling


Spiritual counseling + transpersonal hypnotherapy = inner peace.


What is spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling at Heart Centered Hypnosis can be described as counseling for those in search of who they are. It’s for those who want to understand the meaning of life; to find purpose; to find a connection to all and to find oneness and inner peace. The concepts used in spiritual counseling are considered, holistic, new thought, new age or metaphysical.  Spiritual counseling speaks of consciousness, life beyond the physical, life force energy, awakening and other non-clinical concepts to help clients achieve their goals and find peace.


Why use spiritual counseling?

As many people grow and become more open minded, spirituality may become more important in your life. In fact, as you grow, you may begin to question long time religious beliefs and spiritual teachings from the past. You, like others, may feel lost or like something is missing or doesn’t add up. You may begin to open up and seek a broader spiritual understanding. You may wonder more about your life’s path and purpose.


One of my main goals of spiritual counseling is to help you reach a state of awareness and self-realization. The focus isn’t on religion. Instead, spiritual counseling helps you realize your own strengths and abilities and helps you focus on becoming the best you.


What is transpersonal hypnotherapy and why would I use it?

Transpersonal means beyond the self or beyond the physical realm. As a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist, I work with you beyond the clinical issues by tapping into intuitive and spiritual resources within a higher realm. Transpersonal hypnotherapy assist you in working with your inner guides and your own intuitive abilities. It can help you:


  • Understand the mind body spirit connection

  • Access a higher self or spiritual awareness that exists beyond the mind and body

  • Tap into new insights and inner wisdom

  • Connect with their inner resource to improve the quality of your life