How to Write Affirmations That Get Results


Here's a free lesson for you on how to write affirmations that get results:

Affirmations are statements of what you would like to have, do, or be. They are a way to program your mind to help attract what you want. You can write affirmations like this -

                             "I want unexpected income."

That's a popular approach. The problem with the "I want" phrase is it suggests lack. Another way is to write -

                              "I welcome unexpected income."

The "I welcome" phrase suggests openness. This is better. And a third way is to write -

                               "I now have unexpected income."

"I now" helps you feel it's already done. This is powerful because it engages all your senses. It tells your mind that the phrase is already real, which speeds up the attraction.

All work yet the last raises your vibration, making it stronger.

Always remember to end your affirmations with the phrase "...this or something better."

You can write these affirmations on a sticky note to put on your bath room mirror set an alarm on your phone to remind you say them each day. The best way is to use affirmations is with hypnosis. Hypnosis can program these affirmations into your subconscious mind for permanent change. For more information on how to write affirmations and how to manifest what you want in life, contact me at or at 210-504-5992

Love and Light

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