Radical Forgiveness Therapy

Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, Find Peace in Any Situation

Almost everyone has harbored anger, resentment, hurt, sadness, jealously, and even hate at some time in their life. Some people are able to eventually let things go completely with no emotional attachment to the past event. Others hold on to the negative feelings mentioned about as if their life depended on it. The later refuses to forgive or let the perceived perpetrator "off the hook" believing that forgiveness is too good for them.


Instead of forgiving a perceived wrong doing or doer, some people would rather seethe in hate, loathing and pain for they believe that that are being served in some way by these emotions.

Then there are some who believe that that have forgiven yet, they can’t think or talk about the situation without a negative emotional reaction.

Some people say, I love you but I can't forgive you. They don't realize that you can’t have love without forgiveness.

And finally there are some that "forgive" because it's the right thing to do or they are being the bigger person, yet they still hold on to the victim mentally

What if I told you that this can all be changed in 5 steps? Would you want to take these steps to forgive?

If your answer is yes, let me teach you how to let go return to love - your natural state of being. As a certified Radical Living Coach I'll be using techniques created by Colin Tipping, the author of Radical Forgiveness. This technique is so effective that it has changed thousands of lives, including mine. All you need is a willingness to get started.

It's true. Forgiveness isn't always easy, especially if you try to do it alone applying old fashioned values and beliefs. Let me walk you through this high level process and explain some of the concepts that you may not be familiar with. I will show you why they are significant to your life and wellbeing.

Not only will you learn to forgive, you will learn to see the world from an entirely different perspective. Within this new perspective, you will find relief, love and finally peace.

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Forgiveness brings you peace.
Forgiveness is for you.

Client Radical Forgiveness


Radical Forgiveness

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"I thought I had forgiven but I there is something about you situation  that I never wanted to talk about. Dee took me through the Radical Forgiveness process and that is when I learned the supression is not forgiveness. Nor is pretending to forgive or ignoring the hurt. I'm so glad I found Dee and I am grateful for Radical forgiveness. It changed my life and my relationship with my father forever."
Phyliss W. San Antonio, TX
"I had done somethings  thouht were unforgiveable. I was hurt so I hurt other people. I hated myself and I thought God had left me. Dee taught me a new TRUTH. God loves me and forgives all. I was able to forgive me self and be ok. Radical Forgivenss is truely amazing. I recommend it to everyone."
Jose V. San Antonio, TX