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Women's Rights - Are we Going Backwards?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Women's Rights - Are we Going Backwards?

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I try to stay away from negative news and the current state of affairs. I especially try not to post my views on social media. I recently was tagged in a MSN US News article that got me so stirred up I had to say something publicly. I could not just sit here and not say something because in 5 days I will be speaking in front of women at the Lead and Empower Her Conference.

How can I keep telling women that we can have the life WE want when men are making decisions for us? How can I get on stage and tell women that they can live their dreams when law makers don't See us. Value us. Hear us?

How can the women I speak to move forward in this country when their life is valued at ½ of that of a man? A life of a woman of color …. valued even less.

How can I prove to them that their life matters when some of us WOMEN still have the mentality that's its ok…

- to be oppressed

- to be paid 14,500 less per year than your male coworkers.

- to be sexually assaulted, harassed, and even raped in the workplace.

- to persecute your offender, only to have them protected by cover-up clauses

- to be forced to live by someone else’s religious beliefs on what you should do with your body. For your choice to be taken and away with threats of persecution.

- for the law makers and to put up with unscrupulous behavior because, "that's just the way men are"

- to have to vote the way your husband votes

- to be ok with anti- arbitration clauses that keep your trapped in discrimination, and unfair labor practices

- to give tax breaks to the companies and organizations that are the worst offenders of wage discrimination, sexual harassment and unfair labor laws against minorities and women.

- to support an administration who says yes to all this bullshit.

Women – This is NOT okay!! Get your head out of the sand. If this is what you accept for yourself that’s ok but what about your daughters and their daughters? What if they want something different? Shouldn’t They have a right to go after their dreams just like the men do? Just as equally as the men do? Otherwise why send them to college where the cost of tuition is the same for male and females? Instead keep them home and teach them how to be pregnant servants without a say in their lives.

What can you do? Educate yourself. March. Vote against it. Stop settling. Believe that it can be different. DO MORE.

I realize that you may not agree with me and I could lose you as a follower. However, this is me. This is my truth and I don't apologize for it. How can I empower women and ignore these issues?

I don't voice my opinion on politics much because I believe everyone has a choice and a right to believe what they want. Even if I don't agree. That's the right and freedom afforded to us in this nation. I served 30 years in the military to protect that right and even to help liberate women in other parts of the world.

My rights, and the rights of other women to choose what we believe in is being threatened. The right to be treated equally is way less than what it needs to be. And instead of continuing the strides forward, we're going backwards. I'm saddened and appalled and sometimes I feel helpless to do anything. Just when I think things are going to level out and I can ride it out until the election, something else comes up that is so unpalatable that I have to say something. Perhaps this blog will open the eyes of a woman or a man somewhere to help make the change that counts for your daughters and granddaughters.

Let me know your thoughts.

Coach Dee

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