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How to Fake it ‘till You Make It

When using the Law of Attraction in my meditations, dialogues, writing and so forth, I often say, “see the things you want as if they have already happened”. Be it now in your mind so that the universe has no choice but to make it so.

How do I do that, someone asked. How can I “be” or feel something that I'm not? I've been this way ever since I was a child, so how do I be something different?

Great question! In fact, this is a very common barrier people come up against when trying to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives.

I wanted to share this answer here, in case you too have ever wondered how to slip into a ‘new’ state of being, when you’re so use to your ‘current’ state of being.

So… when stepping into a new state of ‘Being’, you have to act and think as if you’re already ‘the person’ you’re working toward becoming.

For example…

To 'Be' Love, you must love yourself first for that love to then be reflected back to you.

To 'Be' Wealthy, you must act abundantly with money. For example, round up your tip at a restaurant, leave extra coins in the parking meter, pay more than the minimum on your credit cards and take away any negative emotions you have around money.

To 'Be' Healthy, you must start making healthier food choices and ask yourself “What would a fit person do/think?”

To “Be” Successful, you must carry yourself accordingly in your dress, speech and even the company you keep.

Put simply ~ step into acting like the person you desire to ‘Be’ and you’ll soon be vibrating on that level, and ultimately attracting all that you want.

Now if you’d like a more help on how to “Be” what you want, give me a call at 210-504-5992 or email me at dee@hchypnosis.com. Set up an appointment for a life coaching session and let’s get started in creating the life you want.

Coach Dee

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