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Developing Your Personal Power

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

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Hello Awesome One.

All of us would love to have personal power the power to manifest our dreams, the power to remain calm and loving in the face of fear, the power to stay centered in ourselves in the face of attack.

Our society often confuses personal power or power within with power over, which is about controlling others. There is a vast difference between personal power and control.

Personal power comes from an inner sense of security, from knowing who you are in your soul, from having defined your own intrinsic worth. It is the power that flows through you when you are connected to and feel your oneness with a spiritual source of guidance. It is the power that is the eventual result of doing deep inner emotional and spiritual work to heal the fears and false beliefs acquired in childhood.

Even if you do manage to have some control through anger, criticism, judgment, or money, this will never give you personal power. This will never fill you with peace and joy and an inner sense of safety.

As long as your safety and worth are being defined by externals which can be temporary i.e. your money, your looks, your performance, your power over others, etc, you will feel anxious. We feel anxious when we attach our worth and happiness to temporal things rather than to eternal qualities, such as caring, compassion, and kindness.

Personal power comes from embracing spiritual values rather than just earthly values. It comes from making love, kindness and compassion toward oneself and others more important than power over others. It comes from doing the inner work necessary to allow the soul to have dominion over the body, rather than allowing the animal instincts of fight or flight the instincts of the body to have dominion over our choices.

When the soul has dominion over the body, you have the power to manifest your dreams, to stay centered in the face of attack, to remain loving in the face of fear. When the soul has dominion over the body, you have tremendous personal power.

You are, great. If you want to make some changes, give me a call or schedule a free phone consultation at www.bookwithcoachdee.timetap.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Coach Dee Woolridge, MBA, CIHT, CLC

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