• Dee Woolridge, CHIt, CLC

Organizing for a Peaceful Atmosphere

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

There are many physical benefits to organization, but did you know that organizing your space can also have positive mental and spiritual benefits?

Purging your home and workplace of clutter and unnecessary items can symbolize a deeper process of cleansing and purification. As you toss old, useless clutter and better organize what’s left, you are in effect creating a sensation of lightness and freedom that can benefit you both mentally and spiritually.

On an energetic level, the effects of cleaning and de-cluttering can be even more profound because the process clears stagnation and calls in a flow of fresh, invigorating energy (also called “chi,” “ki,” or “qi” – which means “universal life energy”).

What does this mean for you and your space? More peace, prosperity, harmony and success!