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Is anybody listening when I ask for help?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Today I read my horoscope, something I hadn’t done in over a year.

I had a spat with my husband earlier in the day, I couldn’t get my daughter to take interest in anything I offered to her, my sister and I had a falling out and I was feeling frustrated with some issues at work.

Now it was time to sit and write my weekly blog and I wasn’t feeling very inspired. Instead I was feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood. I knew I needed to take some action to shift the energy around and within me so I grabbed my laptop and headed to the nearest Starbucks. I figured, a tall Mint Majesty tea and the buzz of college students speaking over the latest James Blunt music would be a relaxing change of pace.

I sat down, opened my lap top and all I wanted to do was shop for shoes…squirrel…ok, back on track…oh yes, writing…. I just couldn’t get the words to form because my heart and mind were heavy with junk that I couldn’t seem to shake.

I looked at my phone and remembered I had an app for daily horoscopes. I opened it up and this is what it said…

General: You are starting to feel some changes in your thinking as a result of recent experience. You are on the right track.

Love: You need to learn to be less harsh on your partner’s mistakes. Try to make some room for tolerance.

Wealth: Learn to keep your cool in the face of a crisis at work. People will appreciate that kind of attitude.

Welfare: Do not be too picky when setting your professional and personal goals. Try to take one step at a time or frustration will knock on your door.

Well who told the Universe what was going on in my life?

Someone had to have been chatting about my troubles because these words I read resonated with me like a best friend’s advice.

After reading the messages I felt instantly better.

You see I had asked the Universe for help and I couldn’t use my usual methods (meditation, contemplation, journaling, angel numbers) because I was too far out of sorts to receive the answers. It was hard to quiet my mind when it had already crossed the line into yelling and looping the same thoughts and stories over and over. Yet when I asked for help, I received it in the way that I could best understand at my present state…through an obscure app on my smart phone.

First thing I did was to text my husband and tell him that I loved him.

I felt my heart open immediately. A sense of relief came over me.

He texted back, “I love you too sweetie.”

I appreciated his words but it didn’t matter that he had answered. You see, I was able to let go of the things I was holding on to that had nothing to do with him.

My feelings were about me.

My frustrations in the other areas of my life were all about me and how I was seeing things. I wanted things to work and run a certain way and when they didn’t materialize in that fashion, I felt agitated, impatient and projected my fears onto others.

Reading this horoscope brought forth this realization along with a few others. It also took me to my prior teachings of accessing the peace within me in all circumstances. It brought me back to calm. Back to me.

I still have my goals and ambitions and yes, I can be intense sometimes, yet I now remember to be in the energy of love and peace each moment of my journey. I am also grateful for my relationship with Universal energies that tap me on the noggin and says, “everything is in Divine order. Follow our direction and you’ll have a smoother journey.”

Have you been out of alignment, out of sorts or too far in a loop that you can’t hear or accept guidance from others?

Do you wonder if there is anyone or anything that you can lay it all on the line to?

Instead of pushing your way through life, hurting and possibly hurting others, what if you could find a way to live better?

Would you take it?

It doesn’t matter if you believe in horoscopes or Universal energies. What matters is asking for help and allowing the response. The answer always comes from within you. When you are honestly looking for an answer, you get it when you go within. Your answer may come from a friend, a billboard, a TV commercial, a song and even a horoscope. Whatever it is, it will resonate with you. Afterwards a shift in your perception needs to occur. A change in your state of mind can bring about powerful, wonderful peace.

Ask yourself, “would you rather be right or would you rather have peace”?

When you chose peace, the other things fall in place naturally.

Love and light

Dee Woolridge

P.S. Make the conscious decision to shift your perception. Ask for help. One of the first steps may me calling me for an appointment. Your first ½ hour is free this week. 210-504-5992. dee@hchypnosis.com

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