• Dee Woolridge, CIHT, CLC

Being Worthy – Part 2

You have merit! You have excellence! You are caliber! You are and have quality!

If you read last week’s PPP, you know that being worthy comes from within you. You now have permission to start loving yourself more right this moment.

If you don't feel worthy of a thing, you can never attract it. This goes for anything in life. You have to feel worthy of being rich, wealthy, abundant, and prosperous. You see, it's all energy and energy has attracting powers pursuant to vibration.

If you emit wealth, you attract it! If you emit love, you attract it! If you emit abundance, you attract it If you emit sex appeal, you attract it! You attract what you emit.

Likewise, with fear - if you emit it, you attract it! If you emit failure, you attract it! If you emit lack or scarcity, you attract it. Period! To truly become worthy, you must feel worthy and the word "worthy" derives from the word "worth" and this word means "to have value."

Worth. noun. A sense of personal worth worthiness, merit, value, excellence, caliber, quality, stature, eminence, consequence, importance, significance, distinction.

You must realize that you have value! You have merit! You have excellence! You are caliber! You are and have quality! You have stature! You have eminence! You are of consequence! You are important and of importance! You are significant and have significance. You are distinct!


Believe it!

Feel it!

Pretend it until you can really feel it. Be like a kid getting their favorite long awaited toy. Remember what that feels like. Bring the magic in the memory to the present. Pretend like you already have it. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference. It just knows the feeling and the emotion.

Put $10 in your wallet and pretend that it is $100. Mentally spend it.

Now pretend that it is $1000, then mentally spend it.

How about $10,000. Now what would you do?........ Mentally spend it of course.

Feel satisfied instead of guilt when you spend it. Feel entitled instead of self-fish. Feel giving instead of miserly. Have fun with this.

Now when you begin to feel like all of the above, you will have solidified the feeling of worth and this feeling will beam out in all directions, including the direction of riches, wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Many times it’s difficult to establish feelings of worth on your own. Remember that I am here for you. I’m not just a life coach, I am a life change and personal empowerment coach. Let me show you how to live the joy I feel every day and how I got here. Call to set up your appointment at 210-504-5992 or reach me at dee@hchpnosis.com

Love and light

Dee Woolridge, CIHT, CLC

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