• Dee Woolridge, CIHT, CLC

Being Worthy – Part 1

Deserve More, Ask for More, & Receive More

Deservability… Why is it that you go through life seemingly never having are needs met? It could be that your deep seeded feelings of unworthiness keep you from living your best life. They damage your self-esteem and cause you to focus on the more negative side of life. Feelings of unworthiness keep you from expecting the best for yourself. You get what you expect to get in life so if you continue to feel you are unworthy then you will continue to block the pathway that leads to creating a happier and more fulfilling life. Only you can determine your worth. Place your value in your mind and your essence and you will never depreciate in the eyes of another. Value comes from the mind and one's essence. You must realize this and never forget it! It is imperative! "Stop all these self sabotaging thinking about a certain amount of money being too much for you, a certain person being too attractive for you, a certain car, house or thing being too amazing for you. Treat all wealth, people and things the same no matter how awesome and amazing they seem. Acknowledge their differing qualities but treat them all as equally normal in your presence. When you can expand your comfort zone to include all good things, you will be in total vibrational resonance with all of them." - Enoch Tan Here are a few affirmations to say throughout the day to help you feel worthy and deserving. Write your favorite on a sticky note and place where you can see it each day. If you’d like to do deeper more specific work on worthiness, please contact me for an appointment for hypnosis or life coaching at dee@hchypnosis.com or at 210-504-5992. Worthiness Affirmations

  1. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

  2. I approve of myself and feel great about myself.

  3. I radiate love and respect and in return I get love and respect.

  4. I believe prosperity is possible in every area of my life.

  5. I am open to receiving all that is necessary for my success.

  6. I take the initiative to bring about change in my life and I believe I am worthy of success.

  7. I am ready to accept all that is available to me without guilt.

  8. I am worthy of all good things.

  9. I appreciate what the Universe has given me and I trust my needs will continue to be taken care of.

  10. I am open to accepting opportunities for abundance every time they knock on my door.

Love and light Dee Woolridge, CIHt, CLC, RMT

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