• Dee Woolridge, CHIt, CLC

5 tips to Becoming Extraordinary

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I recently had a birthday and I was doing a mental check of all my accomplishments and what goes right in my life. I was feeling really good about myself knowing that I get up, go out and give my best each day. I was talking to a friend about her birthday, which was a few days after mine and she was in a state of dread. She complained that she hadn’t accomplished goals she’d set for herself and saw aging as a losing battle. What a difference in perspective I thought to myself. My friend thought her life was average and boring. Whereas I think my life is extraordinary. The difference is that I actively create my life and I told her that she could too.

You see, if you're willing to devote just a few minutes a day to positively working on yourself, you can and will achieve everything you could possibly desire, and your age won't even matter! But there is a catch.... Instead of settling for what's average, you have to make the decision to be extraordinary. Check out these 5 tips to Becoming Extraordinary

  1. Don’t dismiss anything as impossible. Don’t let yourself be restricted by imaginary boundaries you’ve created in your mind. The fact is that you can only create what you believe is possible. Your first step to an extraordinary life is to believe that anything is possible and you will be surprised at how the world places new unexpected possibilities in your path.

  2. Be completely certain that you can overcome any obstacle. Deal with each obstacle one-on-one until they have no more effect on your life. Remain 100% sure that you can overcome anything that is blocking you from reaching your goal. Keep your eye on the prize and believe deep down to your core that ever