• Dee Woolridge, CIHt, CLC

3 Simple Tips to Feel Good Now

Are you feeling blue, frustrated or just plain bored with life? With all the challenges and responsibilities that life throws at us, sometimes it’s difficult to see that a few small adjustments is all it takes to shake off a negative mood and feel happy again. And it’s really not as complicated as you may think… If you’d like to discover how to instantly lift your spirits, just follow these 3 simple tips to feel good NOW: Tip 1- Say you’re great! When people ask ‘How are you?’… What’s your usual answer? Do you say, ‘I’m great’, ‘I’m okay’, or ‘I’m not too bad’? Oftentimes, your response to this question may be one that you say on auto-pilot… and if you’re like many, it’s normally just ‘I’m okay’ rather than ‘I’m great!’ However, the more you say ‘I’m great’, the more you will believe it and the sooner you’ll start feeling great in every area of your life. Tip 2- Change your routine. Even if it’s just for one day, take a break from work, cancel your usual plans, do something unexpected. Doing things over and over again that are unpleasant or uninspiring is one of the main reasons why people feel depressed. To spice up your life, try something new that you’ve never done before, and make it interesting and challenging! Tip 3- Release any negative energy. One of the things that sometimes prevents you from living in your most pure and joyful expression, is when you’re holding on to negative energy. To release it, try this simple yet effective exercise and enjoy feeling great almost immediately: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you inhale focus on breathing in uplifting feelings of peace and happiness and with each exhale, release any tension or stress.

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Dee Woolridge, CIHt, CLC

Thank you Natalie ~ at Mind Movies for these tips!

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