Motivation to Exercise 
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This MP3 subliminal hypnosis recording is designed to keep you stay pumped up and motived to exercise. It helps you remember your fitness goals and the reason why you want a fit body.

Embedded Suggestions

  • I am changing into someone who is always motivated to exercise

  • I stay motivated throughout my entire workout routine

  • I am naturally driven to get in shape and be the healthiest I can be

  • I am totally focused on getting myself in shape

  • I am in great shape because I never miss a workout

  • Others are beginning to notice how dedicated I am to getting in shape

  • I am becoming more and more motivated to exercise

  • I am finding it easier to motivate myself to exercise

  • I am transforming into someone who exercises regularly and is in great shape

  • The motivation to exercise comes naturally to me

  • My motivation to exercise is helping me to achieve optimum health

  • I am totally focused on sticking to my workout routine and getting in shape

  • It feels great when I exercise regularly and take care of myself

  • Keeping myself in top shape is extremely important to me

  • I am the kind of person who just loves pushing myself during my workout

  • I find it easy to get pumped up about going to the gym every day

  • I am naturally driven to get in shape

  • As I commit to my exercise program, I transform my body!

  • Step by step and rep by rep, I am losing pounds and inches today!

  • A fit, healthy person lives within me. Today that person emerges.

  • Every day in every way I am becoming fitter and healthier.

  • I enjoy my daily workouts and they make me feel energetic.