This group of meditations help you connect with your incredible spirit family of helpers. Starts with creating a sacred space and foundational spiritual arena for all your spirit guide meetings. Get help and inspiration from your universal team.

This collection of guided meditations includes an induction and deepening protocol that takes you deeper than normal meditations and visualizations. It also includes a wake up count at the end to bring you out of the trance state, which meditations usually do not have. Its purpose it to ensure that you go deep enough to connect with your guides and to come back wide awake remembering your connection, your interactions, and messages from your guides. 

This group of five meditations are to help you connect with your spirit family and helpers. It starts with creating your sacred space which will be your foundation and spiritual arena for all your spirit guide meetings. You will then be guided to meet with your main spirit guide, who often helps you connect with the others in your spirit guide family.

You will notice that the induction, prayer and deepening on most of this recordings are the same. This is part of the subconscious conditioning so that you are able to recall this protocol on your own and ultimately connect with your spirit team at will. 

Keep a journal near to record your connections, advice, messages and experiences. 

For a deeper understanding and more information about Spirit guides, I recommend reading the book, Spirit Guide Connection 101 – Basics and Exercises for Beginners, by Dee Woolridge.

Enjoy your spirit guide connections. Have a beautiful fulfilled journey.