Improve Social Skills Subliminal MP3 Download

  • Super easy - Download the MP3 file and simply listen - any time, any where. Even while driving! All you have to do is to let these sounds into your ears and brain.

  • Proven technology - Both hypnosis and subliminal programming have been proven over and over again.

  • Based in practical experience - All of my programs are based in what I have learned and accomplished in my practice with clients over the years.

  • Non-confrontational - I pride myself in being able to help my clients gently and compassionately.

  • Professional - All suggestions are written and spoken by a skilled hypnotherapist you knows how to deliver suggestions so that the subconcious mind accepts  these new ideas and embedds them as your own.


Learn to feel more confident in a crowd or conversing one on one. Let go of fear and learn to be yourself. Enjoy life again and make friends easily. Speak with confidence and easy in any social situation while staying calm and relaxed.

Embedded Suggestions

  • Every day I grow more confident in social situations

  • Social skills come naturally to me

  • People enjoy speaking to me

  • Others admire my ability to speak to new people

  • I enjoy being more confident and outgoing

  • People listen to me when I speak

  • Improving my social skills will change my life

  • My social skills make me stand out from the crowd

  • My career will benefit by improving my social skills

  • I can make and maintain eye contact when speaking to others

  • will stay calm when speaking to people

  • I find it easy to be myself around others

  • Conversations are starting to feel more natural

  • I will improve my life

  • I will be taken seriously when I speak to people

  • My social skills will become more natural to me

  • I will take control of my life through my social skills

  • My voice will become stronger and more easily heard

  • I will be the first one to start small talk

  • Others will admire my social skills