Restorative and Energy Balancing Treatments


The Heart Centered Institute has a variety of energy treatments that allow the self to heal mind, body and spirit. Click below to explore what treatment  is most beneficial for your present needs.

The most popular and comprehensive restorative energy service at Heart Centered Hypnosis. Crystal Healing is the practice of laying-on-of-stones. With the knowledge on the body's chakra points, crystals are selected by color and energy properties  then arranged on the body.


Reiki (pronounced as 'raykey') is a spiritual healing art – the practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands. Reiki is believed to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago, and current Reiki practice can be traced to the spiritual teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 20th century. Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy healing (READ MORE)

The combination of far infrared light, negative ions and 25 pounds of amethyst quartz crystal opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness. The Amethyst BioMat that is used in this treatment is a FDA approved medical device with years of research and documentation of its success in the treatment of various dis-ease. (READ MORE)

Chakra balancing is a procedure that increases the healthy flow of energy through these energy centers. This is done with the help of chakra stones and other light healing methods.This treatment brings the body back into balance and provides a beneficial and harmonizing effect. (READ MORE)


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