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Training and workshop topics for Professional Development

Training and workshop topics for Professional Development

Dee’s Keys to Effective Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. While some people may consider conflict as simply being a disagreement, others may avoid it at all costs. In the workplace, we have to learn methods for constructively dealing with disagreements. In this training we will explore a variety of conflict types and approaches and consider how to effectively communicate with others who use a conflict management style that is different from our own personal method. By knowing effective communication techniques to use in conflict situations, you can enhance your ability to resolve conflict.

Dee’s Keys to Dealing Difficult People

Dealing with the public often means working with a variety of personality types. While many persons may be quite pleasant to serve, others can be extremely challenging. In some instances, the situation may escalate into disruptive behavior, and possibly even more than that. In this training we look at how to stay composed and defuse situations before they get out of hand. We will also examine ways to effectively deal with a coworker who is challenging to work with.

Dee’s Keys to Effective Time Management

This training presents a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems working together to help you get more value out of your time with the aim of improving the quality of your life. Dee introduces time management as a learned skill that requires self-discipline and a desire to become conscious of how you manage your daily activities. She helps you learn to prioritize your day by putting your events on a timeframe and manage your time more efficiently.


Dee’s Keys to Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Success in the Work Place

Critical thinking is defined as “reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do.”  Critical thinking is a skill that is vital for success in the corporate world. In this training the objective is to identify the attributes of a critical thinker; develop and enhance current critical thinking skills; apply critical thinking skills in the workplace

Training and workshop topics for Personal Development

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Dee’s Keys to Defusing Mental Landmines That Block Success and Happiness

This workshop talks about change, and the way you may self- sabotage because of fear, old habits and negative mind chatter.  It helps you identify the landmines in your path and how to defuse them or navigate through. 


Dee’s Keys to Move from Victim to Victorious – How to Regain Your Personal power after trauma and loss.

In this workshop, Dee talks with the audience about their illnesses, challenges, abuse, setbacks and obstacles. As a post breast cancer thriver, mother of a young adult with autism and the ninth child of 13 siblings raised by a single mom, she knows about overcoming adversity. She gives you steps on how to move from a life of victim consciousness to a happier more empowered life no matter your circumstances.


Dee’s Keys to Becoming Your Ultimate Unlimited Self

This interactive workshop is based on Dee’s book,

Unlimited: Break Free from Beliefs That Block Success and Happiness. It leads the group through exercises to uncover their core beliefs that block them from reaching their goals. She takes you through three case scenarios then gives you tools and steps to clear the blocks and move forward to the life you envision.

Dee’s Keys to Forgiving into Prosperity

The audience is shown two models of forgiveness, traditional and new thought. They are brought to understand how each model works and within the learning of the two models is the transformation of the self. She illustrates that even when you don’t know how to forgive, your "willingness" is the start of a new life of relief, peace and love.