Free From Drug Addiction

Subliminal Hypnosis MP3 Download

  • Super easy - Download the MP3 file and simply listen - any time, any where. Even while driving! All you have to do is to let these sounds into your ears and brain.

  • Proven technology - Both hypnosis and subliminal programming have been proven over and over again.

  • Based in practical experience - All of my programs are based in what I have learned and accomplished in my practice with clients over the years.

  • Non-confrontational - I pride myself in being able to help my clients gently and compassionately.

  • Professional - All suggestions are written and spoken by a skilled hypnotherapist you knows how to deliver suggestions so that the subconcious mind accepts  these new ideas and embedds them as your own.


The mp3 subliminal recording is to help you over your addiction to drugs and reclaim your life. It is not a replace for professional help and 12 steps programs. It is to be in used conjunction with traditional drug rehabilitation therapies to assistance in proper mindset.

Embedded Suggestions

  • I don’t need drugs of any kind to be happy and at peace with myself

  • I can deal with anything that comes my way

  • I am becoming more and more sober with each passing day

  • I am transforming into someone who can easily turn down drugs

  • I am becoming more happy about who I am

  • I now surround myself with people who support me

  • Each day its easier for me to forgive myself for all I have done

  • I am turning into the happy person that I used to be

  • The only thing in control of my life is myself

  • I find it easy to turn down drugs

  • I deserve to be free of drugs

  • Being surrounded by positive people is natural to me

  • My life is free from drugs

  • People see me as someone who has successfully overcome drug addiction

  • People look up to me as someone who has wrestled with drug addiction and come out on top have forgiven myself for all that I did while I was possessed by drugs

  • Being free of drugs has been an improvement in my life

  • I give myself permission to change.

  • The past is over. I choose to love and approve of myself in the now.

  • I choose to handle all my experiences with love, joy, and ease.