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Cancer and other chronic illness hypnosis integrative self-care program


I know firsthand how devastating the diagnosis of a cancer or other life threatening disease can be. The diagnosis and treatment of disease is stressful which causes even more disruption in your physical, mental and emotional heath. As part of integrative care and an adjunct to your medical doctor’s recommendation, Heart Centered Hypnosis is helpful to the healing process. There is abundant evidence that relaxation therapy, guided imagery and hypnotherapy can be very beneficial in helping patients cope with the diagnosis and treatment. Some studies show that it may even prolong life. Here are ways hypnosis can help:


  • management of anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration

  • management of pain, fatigue, and insomnia

  • management of side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • visualization to promote health improvement.


I help you focus on positive self-talk, positive imaginary, self-love and nurturing. The ultimate goal is peace within - especially in times of physical crises. It teaches to love all parts of you even the parts that are wayward, damaged or affected in some way. This program has had great success in the area. Clients are more rested, more relaxed during procedures, less fearful, and are more positive and understanding of what’s going on within them. These clients are more likely to be the role positive role models to help other who are going through similar situations.