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Im glad that you are here. These are my latest books. Please take a moment to browse and see if they are what you're looking for. I have two more books being developed and written riigh now. Be sure to check back soon. Buy. Read. Enjoy!

Spirit Guide Connection 101: Basics and Exercises for Beginners

Do you want to connect with your Spirit Guides?


This book is based on the workshop, Spirit Guide Connection, taught by author Dee Woolridge, CIHt, CLC, RMT. For many years she taught students how to connect with their beloved spirit team and to begin to live a more aware, and in many cases, easier life. Now, this knowledge is available to everyone in the form of an easy to understand book.


This book is a beginner’s manual for those who are curious about and want to learn how to connect with their spirit guides. It answers questions about who your guides are, the type of guides you may have, and many other questions that beginners have about spirit guide communication. Read more.

Unlimited -  Break Free from Beliefs that Block Success and Happiness

If you’re feeling stuck, and can’t get ahead, this book is for you. If you want more money, love, attention, respect, health, peace, success, and happiness, this book is for you.

People want basically the same things in life and that is financial stability, good physical and emotional health, harmonious relations, acceptance, and inner peace. What you may not realize is that you may be the one that is blocking you from those gifts.


Unlimited -  Break Free from Beliefs that Block Success and Happiness shows you how to identify your core negative beliefs then gives you six strategies, plus one bonus strategy, on how to clear them.

Old programs often run rampart in your subconscious mind and causes you attract what you believe you are instead of you want. This book is written to help you break the cycle of hopelessness, stress, worry and unworthiness. It gives you key information on how to enact change now by applying four spiritual laws including the Law of Dominant Effect and the Law of Deliberate Creation.

Letting go of limiting beliefs needs to be learned and practiced daily to bring success and happiness forward. In order for you to have all the wonderful things you desire in life, you need the same gift that I had given myself and many of my clients… a clear chance!

The Resilient You: Bouncing Back and Winning the Stress Game

Resilience- the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s a mental, emotional and physical toughness. Without it we break down quickly and recovery slowly, if at all. 


This book is a combination of my own experiences and advice from experts. It will provide you with tools to use when you’re in stressful situations. The intention is to help you feel more balanced and in control of your emotions – to help you become more resilient and live a comfortable and anxiety-free life. 

Read more.