Getting Along with Others - Hypnosis MP3 Download

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  • Professional - All suggestions are written and spoken by a skilled hypnotherapist you knows how to deliver suggestions so that the subconcious mind accepts  these new ideas and embedds them as your own.


This MP3 recording helps you get along with other people. To be friendly and see things from others point of view. It helps you be open to others and compromise while still being assertive and mindful of your own needs.

Embedded Suggestions

  • Every in every way, people find me easy to get along with

  • Each day I become better at making friends

  • I am grateful now that my friends will listen to me more

  • Every day l find it easier to express my feelings

  • I now remember to become more assertive and firm

  • Others realize that I am easy to get along with now

  • Every day now conversations feel more natural to me

  • Each day people see me as outgoing and friendly

  • Every morning when I awake, I feel able to communicate effectively

  • I find it easier and easier to see things from others point of view

  • More and more I can get my point across without arguing

  • I just naturally make sure that others around me are happy

  • Each day now I always make sure that any dispute is left with all parties feeling happy

  • I compromise more and more. Compromising comes naturally to me

  • I find my ability to see things from others point of view as a useful skill

  • Being empathetic is the most natural thing in the world to me now

  • I find compromising easier and easier each day

  • Communication skills are something I now have in abundance

  • Every day in every way people see me as someone who cares about others

  • I remember now that people look up to me as an effective communicator

  • Being able to compromise has made my life much better

  • People look up to me as a role model

  • I improved my life when I stopped criticizing others