Hypnosis Recordings 

Downloads to use with or without  formal hypnotherapy

Its no mistake that these hypnosis recordings are priced at $9.99.  Whether you believe it our not, you are guided by a higher power through your thoughts, feelings, words, and visions. Number sequences is a favorate way your guides may speak to you. 999 is the number sequence that means that a cycle of your life is ending and making way for a new one to begin. 999 signals you to take action in the direction of your dreams and purpose.  So get moving in the direction of what you really want by downloading your helpful hypnosis recording. Start listening  now and  allow the miracles to happen.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
 Escape From Prison


This hypnosis recording can help you lose weight by training your subconcious mind to break from of the pattern of trying to loose weight and move into the new pattern of doing. Recorded over subliminal messages for weight loss. Download to begin using immediately.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Boost Your Metabolism

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
 Fit, Trim and Healthy

This hypnosis recording is great for those who want to boost their metabolism to speed up weight loss. includes suggestions for drinking more water and remembering to eat first thing in the morning to get the metabolism moving. Recorded over subliminal messages for discipline and follow through. Download to begin using immediately.

This hypnosis recording takes the focus away from the scale. It helps you create in your mind the body you want. It includes suggestions for exercise, choosing healthy foods, and thinking postive about being healthy, fit and trim. Recorded over subliminal messages for weight loss. Download to begin using immediately.

Hypnosis Smoking Cessation
 Kick the Cravings


breaking a cigerette

This hypnosis recordingscript is intended for those who have already stopped smoking but still have cravings for cigarettes. Recorded over subliminal messages for smoking cessation. Download to begin using immediately.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Stop Smoking Today

This hypnosis recording is a great replacement for smoking. Listen to this recording when you would normally take a smoke break or when you are experienceing any of your old smoking triggers. Recorded over subliminal messages for smoking cessation. Download to begin using immediately.

Guided Meditation
 Chakra Healing

sitting chaka body outline

A beautifully crafted, soothing guided meditation that takes you through the seven main energy centers. It tells you the placement, meaning, color and affirmation associated with each chakra. Use this 30 minute tool to help you feel grounded and centered.  Download to begin using immediately.