Attracting Your Soulmate Subliminal

Hypnosis MP3 Download

  • Super easy - Download the MP3 file and simply listen - any time, any where. Even while driving! All you have to do is to let these sounds into your ears and brain.

  • Proven technology - Both hypnosis and subliminal programming have been proven over and over again.

  • Based in practical experience - All of my programs are based in what I have learned and accomplished in my practice with clients over the years.

  • Non-confrontational - I pride myself in being able to help my clients gently and compassionately.

  • Professional - All suggestions are written and spoken by a skilled hypnotherapist you knows how to deliver suggestions so that the subconcious mind accepts  these new ideas and embedds them as your own.


This MP3 recording helps you release the past and become open to your perfect life partner. Open yourself to a mutually supportive, nurturing, long term, harmonious soul mate. Listen to the recording and allow it to help you open your heart to a more fulfilling relationships. It also reminds you to let go of the past.

Embedded Suggestions

  • I now open and accept my life partner into my life.

  • I am willing to allow my perfect complement to join me in my life’s path.

  •  I open to a person who helps me to fulfill my life’s destiny and I theirs.

  • I now attract a soul mate who grows and expands with me as we help each other to manifest our dreams. 

  • I now attract someone who is nurturing, supporting and who works with me to experience the ultimate depth of my deepest heart’s desires. 

  • I now release the past and open to a new and fulfilling relationship.

  • I am allowing myself to be the right person to attract the right person. 

  • I joyfully allow my life partner to appear in my life with ease. 

  • I now know my soul mate the moment we meet. 

  • This relationship that I manifest is long-term and harmonious and gets better and better all the time.