Astral Projection Subliminal MP3 Download

  • Super easy - Download the MP3 file and simply listen - any time, any where. Even while driving! All you have to do is to let these sounds into your ears and brain.

  • Proven technology - Both hypnosis and subliminal programming have been proven over and over again.

  • Based in practical experience - All of my programs are based in what I have learned and accomplished in my practice with clients over the years.

  • Non-confrontational - I pride myself in being able to help my clients gently and compassionately.

  • Professional - All suggestions are written and spoken by a skilled hypnotherapist you knows how to deliver suggestions so that the subconcious mind accepts  these new ideas and embedds them as your own.


With this recording you learn to relax deeply and maintain positive vibrations. It helps you to remain confident and proficient in using all techniques for out of body travel.

Embedded Suggestions

  • I now remember anytime I am out of my body.

  • I now find it ever more easy to relax very deeply and to remain conscious.

  • I now am easily finding and invoking the vibrations.

  • In the vibrational state I easily break coincidence with my physical body.

  • I am clear on my target destination and easily go there.

  • I totally believe I can leave my body.

  • I want to have an out-of-body experience and I do.

  • I am totally confident in my ability to leave my body.

  • When out of my body I feel safe, protected and guided. 

  • When out-of-my body I only encounter beings of light and love.

  • I always return to my body slowly, comfortably and safely.

  • When returning to the physical body I am fully grounded and functional.

  • I am proficient at using all techniques for out-of-body travel.