Anti-Aging Subliminal MP3 Download

  • Super easy - Download the MP3 file and simply listen - any time, any where. Even while driving! All you have to do is to let these sounds into your ears and brain.

  • Proven technology - Both hypnosis and subliminal programming have been proven over and over again.

  • Based in practical experience - All of my programs are based in what I have learned and accomplished in my practice with clients over the years.

  • Non-confrontational - I pride myself in being able to help my clients gently and compassionately.


Return your body to its natural, youthful and beautiful state. Increase your energy and vitality. Maintain a healthy, positive, youthful mind and body. A few times a week of listening to this subliminal recording will help you reach a more positive state youthful state. Start reversing the clock and feeling good about yourself.

Embedded Suggestions

  • My body is returning to its natural, youthful and beautiful state


  • I find my youthful vitality restoring itself more and more everyday


  • My body functions now at the age when I was at my peak of youth and vitality


  • My hair now returns itself to its natural and youthful color


  • My skin is elastic, smooth, radiant and supple


  • My eyes are bright


  • I face each day with a child-like playfulness, awe and wonder for the newness of life


  • My energy level now increases and is more abundant and sustained


  • I am positive, optimistic and confident about a future of health, happiness and youthful vitality


  • My body now becomes more tone, tight, uplifted firm


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