Welcome to Your Transformation

"When you develop a rubber ball like resilience, believe with a positive mind, communicate from a place of love compassion and understanding, then success in all areas of your life is inevitable."

Dee Woolridge, MBA,

Certified Clinical, Transpersonal and Interpersonal Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Author, Teacher, Speaker.  Find out more.


Dee Woolridge -  Specialist in transformative coaching, counseling and hypnotherapy for women over 30. As a result of working with Coach Dee, her clients find or regain their personal power; They are more confident than ever before; They are assertive communicators who ask for what they want; They burst out of their comfort zone to take risks and find massive success in all life categories. Debilitating anxiety become a thing of the past. 


Dee is looking to work with women who are tired of failing to get to their "happy" and are ready for a skilled professional who can help them transform into that whole, fulfilled person.

There was a time when Dee was trying hard to fulfill her own dreams as a military officer, as a mother and wife, as a corporate employee, and as an entrepreneur. She consumed books, classes, and training on leadership, professional development, marriage and parenting. Yet, it wasn’t until she worked on her personal development - her inner self- did she achieve outer success.

Many of us have a tendency to try to achieve success in our professional life without working on who we really are or even knowing what we want. We may say we want something yet, not feel worthy of it. We might have the ability to achieve a goal yet, low self-worth and limiting beliefs keep us from reaching our dreams.

Has there ever been a time when you could actually hear the negative recording play in the background of your mind when you were trying to reach your goal?

Have you ever wanted something so badly but fear and anxiety held you back?

Are you constantly taking three steps forward in areas of your life just to go two steps back?

You’re not alone and Coach Dee can help. 

Perhaps you need help with...

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Lack of motivation

  • Procrastination

  • Unfulfilled

  • Forgiveness and resentment

  • Inner peace

  • Accepting change

  • Life and career

  • Stress management

  • Time management

  • Work-life balance

  • Goal setting achievement

  • Personal empowerment

Are you ready to  start your transformation?

Coach Dee is not taking new clients at this time. If you  have a questions you may email here below. 

Mary Ann, Chicago, IL

"Dee is wonderful, a complete joy to work with. She helped me clear past traumas and limiting beliefs - my relationships have improved dramatically and I've found more inner peace and forgiveness.  Thank you for your talents!!"


Carmen, San Antonio, TX

I highly recommend recommend Dee! She is authentic, professional, ethical...but most importantly to me..heart warming, a friend who I didn’t know I had. She helped me with anxiety, motivation, confidence and more. Like I told her in our last sección; she brought back the old me but on steroids, I feel like a “bad-@ss new me” and I m proud of it!


Georgianna, Tampa, FL

 I am very blessed to have met such an incredible person. I feel like a new person that is seeing the world in a brand new and loving perceptive.